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Our Flexible Release Plan

Our Flexible Release Plan allows you to sell less than 100% of the property value, with the guarantee of being able to release further cash sums as you need to, based on your property value at the time of the new release.

This plan will appeal to those who do not require the maximum cash available, and wish to retain an interest in their property, as well as a share of any future house price movement. Is it also beneficial for homeowners wanting to release the maximum amount over a period of time.

With this plan:

  • The cash amount offered is dependent on your age(s), the percentage of your property you want to sell and the current value of your property
  • It offers complete security of tenure for you to remain in your home for the rest of your life, rent free
  • If your circumstances change in the future and you want to move to a suitable alternative property, the plan is transferable.

For more information about these plans, please click here or speak to a financial adviser.