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All valuations will be carried out by an independent valuer instructed by us. We use a panel management company who determine which valuer is best able to carry out the valuation based on their location and availability.

The valuer will be a qualified RICS member with at least two qualified partners in the firm. They must have professional indemnity cover of at least £1million. They will also have a detailed knowledge of the property market in the local area.

The fee applicable to the estimated property value must be submitted with the application form. Click here to view our Valuation Fee Table.

You have the option to select a specific valuer from our panel. This will be subject to the chosen valuer operating in that area. We will still instruct the valuation. However if a specific valuer is chosen, we cannot provide any guarantee of timescales.

The valuation report will include an external photograph of the property and be carried out within 5 working days of receipt of the completed application form.

The valuation may not match an estate agent’s estimate. This is because an estate agent’s estimate is likely to be a target sale price, whereas the valuation will be the true market value based on actual sales prices in the area.

If the valuation of your property has been carried out, but the application does not proceed, there will be no refund of the valuation fee.

Where a further inspection of your property is required (for example after essential repairs have been carried out) a re-inspection fee of £60 will be applicable, payable by you.

All RICS valuations are valid for three months. If a re-valuation is required, the charge for this would be £82.

You will receive a copy of the valuation report.