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How do I release more money from my home?

If you have not already sold 100% of the equity in your home (99.99% in Scotland) you can apply to us to release further equity from your property.

The minimum release is 10% of your property or a release of £10,000, whichever is the lower. If you have less than 10% equity remaining in your home you can still apply to release the remaining equity.

It is a requirement of The Equity release Council (ERC) that you seek independent financial advice before proceeding with a further cash release. We suggest:

  • You speak to your original adviser where possible, or
  • Log on to unbiased.co.uk. This site can help you to find an independent qualified adviser in your area.

We are not authorised to give advice, and therefore cannot recommend any adviser to you or take responsibility for any advice you subsequently receive.

You would be responsible for paying any fees for legal or financial advice.

Any payment generated by a further cash release takes into account your anticipated life expectancy. If you die or move into long term care sooner than expected, a further cash release may be an expensive way to release further equity in your home. Any further cash release is also subject to a satisfactory valuation of your home. A valuation fee would be payable for this.

It may also be appropriate for you to contact your local authority or another agency before proceeding. This will establish whether you may be eligible for financial assistance of benefits or grants which may help achieve your aims. Your local Citizens Advice Bureau or Age UK may also be a valuable source of information.

We’ve created a useful links page which you may find helpful.