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Maximum Release Plan

Our Maximum Release Plan allows your client to release the maximum cash sum by selling 100% (99.99% in Scotland) of their interest in the property.

With this plan your client can include two additional options:

High House Price Inflation Protection - Ensuring the client (if they move into long term care) or their estate (upon death) will share the benefits of very high house price inflation.

Early Vacancy Guarantee - Providing your client (if they move into long term care) or their estate with protection against early death or the need to go into residential nursing care. This option is only applicable during the first 5 years of the plan.

For more information about this plan, please click here.

With this plan:

  • The cash amount offered is dependent on your client's age(s)

  • It can be used to help your client purchase a new home

  • It offers complete security of tenure for your client to remain in their home for the rest of their life, rent free

  • If your client’s circumstances change in the future and they want to move to a suitable alternative property, the plan is transferable.