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Flexible Release Plan

Our Flexible Release Plan is for those clients who choose to release less than the maximum amount available. It guarantees customers can release further cash sums whenever they choose, based on the property value at that time.

This plan appeals to those customers wanting to retain an interest in the property and a share of any future house price movement. It also provides certainty of:

  • Guaranteed legacy for their estate
  • Guaranteed future releases

For more information about this plan, please click here.

With this plan:

  • The cash amount offered is dependent on your client's age(s), the percentage of their property they want to sell and the current value of their property

  • It can be used to help your client purchase a new home

  • It offers complete security of tenure for your client to remain in their home for the rest of their life, rent free

  • If your client’s circumstances change in the future and they want to move to a suitable alternative property, the plan is transferable.